THIS IS C30 C60 C90 GO

That is thanks to Bow-Wow-Wow's classic tape only release and thanks to the fact that way back there was no money, no mp3, no PC's, no CD burners - but everyone had a tape deck and 2 would make a copy station. At low cost everyone was able to get their own music released - see below for some gems from Hamburg and around:

NOTE: All of these tapes will soon be featured on - the Holy War Archive Foundation has donated them to the blog!



Abwärts - musik für deutsche GI's (1980)

This is an offical Abwärts Bootleg, taken directly of the mixing desk of the PA and sold via Rif Off Platten. 2 different shows, one at the Künstlerhaus in Hamburg and one at the Rotation in Hannover. Cheap & Dirty and - again - the only way you could easily move your sound to listeners not present at the show.

C 30, Rip Off


Front & X-Mal Deutschland - Bootleg (1981)

Allmost all eraly shows at the Markthalle were taped (and released by BKA Tapes or Mutterstolz Records - people well known). This is the 02.04.1981 show of X-Mal Deutschland, Front and Abwärts. Again - none of the bands was able to bring they early stuff and style to record, thus live tapes gave the best overview. And some of them sold quite well at reasonable cheap prices.

C60, BKA Tapes


Avanti Dilettanti (1982)

One of the first bands to follow the tape route - allthough this was a semi-professional release with the help of Record Partner (the vinyl & tape production company in Hamburg for small editions).


14 Songs, C30, 77 AD


Cüklon - Deutschland gefärdet ihre Gesundheit (1982)

Cüklon hailed from Neumünster, some 50 km north of Hamburg and came around as one of the first small punk bands with a harsh US style hardcore sound. They only played few shows but singer Agi soon moved down to Hamburg.


11 Songs, C30, NMS PEST CASSETTEN 02



The Insane, Napalm und Die Knallschoten (1982)

This is a full live recording of the show at the Graffiti on 09.09.1982. The easiest way to make people aware of your music - get a spot as a support band, tape the total show and copy it! Wow, that is marketing!


C90, Schoten-Tape 006


Die Knallschoten - God Save Helmut (1983)

Long awaited release by the Knallschoten who played their way up anddown the small youth centres in town. It actualy sold plenty. One side recorded at the Ulan Bator studios, one side live.

24 Sogs, C60,


V/A - Neumünster macht Spass (1983)

This was done by Flip Adam and put together all bands from Neumünster from the early 80ties: e.V., Zyklon-Schlips & Die Atombomben, Notwär, Syph Kids, Die Angst, Stacheldraht, Cüklon, Exzess, Harry the Hirsch, Randalierende Elche. That is a full summary of what was there, that time.

17 Songs, C90, Schwindler Vertrieb


Notwär - Wir wollen euch warnen (1983)

If my memory is still working Notwär (also from Neumünster) did rise from the ashes of Die Angst & Cüklon and pushed it one step further: pure hardcore, fast and ANTI!

C30, Notwär Tapes


Säurekeller - 6 Mio Beireuther (1983)

Side project by people from HH-Milch and the Holy War Fanzine. Not punk at all but elektronik, synthie pop and - 1983 and very early - Rap / Hip Hop. Contains the famous "Hells Horners Rap".

C30, Ulan Bator


V/A - Die Hardrocker kommen (1984)

Dubbed also as "Hamburgs first OI! sampler" it is a fake Knallschoten tape summarizing all the side projects and own ideas under the following identities: Die Knallschoten, Timo & Die Teppichhändler, Meine Schuppen and Mongos.

20 Songs, C60, Schoten Tapes


HH-Milch - Barbecue auf Southfork (1984)

HH-Milch's first own release after the success with their song on Weird Systems "Waterkant Hits" LP. Includes the in-famous "Trenner Billy" song that was an hate-ode to Tim Renner (then issuer of a tape fanzine and later CEO of Universal Music in Germany).

9 Songs, C30, Ulan Bator


HH-Milch - City Blues Connection Live (1984)

Captured live and open air this is full HH-Milch set -tight and surf-pop style punk.

15 Songs, C30, Ulan Bator/KImbaze


Platzangst - Songs for Heroes (1984)

Also Platzangst could only afford to follow up their masive success on "Waterkant Hits" with a tape - it brings together the old "Vollsuff für alle" times with newer and catchier pop-punk. Great stuff, recorded at Ulan Bator Studios with the help of Kai Reeder (Napalm) and Hardy (HH-Milch).

8 Songs, C30, Platzangst Tapes


V/A - Hamburg Heute (1985)

First real summary of the low key bands around the Funzine in the 82-84 area, includes: Die Knallschoten, Spiel 77, Channel Rats, H.B.B.-Kombo and Meine Schuppen.

21 Songs, C60, Schoten Tapes


Die Knallschoten - und wir singen unsere Lieder (1985)

This is the late version of Die Knallschoten, without Rudi and Kayan. But, adding Timo they were able to find their own stype - hardcore skiffle. Well done 4-Track recording.

20 Songs, C60, The Knallschoten


V/A - Hier sind sie: U.E.D.L. & Spiel 77 (1985)

Two more bands around the Funzine Crew made it to tape - late, but they made it. Contains only few muscial gems, actualy.

20 Songs, C60


Meine Schuppen - Neu Kraft fürs Haar (1986)

Befor releasing the self produced EP Meine Schuppen put all their stuff on one tape - including the mega hit "Kack ab Nazi Hippie". Actualy something like the end of an area, because after that more and more people where looking after getting their own vinyl out, first place.

20 Songs, C60, MS 001


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