Prügel-Pogo rules!

Picture 1: Punks from Steilshoop at "Fabricus-Str." School, ca. 1980 (Inter, unknown Proll, ?, ?, Ulf, Prieve, Arne, Öne)

"This pic w/ Punks from Steilhoop was made during a show with my first band Blausiegel at the local school, sometime during summer 1980. I do not recal all names but i remeber a fight between the unknown proll during Pogo with Prieve so that all other guys from Steilhoop came in to help him...thats what you see" (Rudi K.)

Blausiegel, ca. 1980

Picture 2: Blausiegel, ca. 1980, "Fabricus-Str." School (Lehmann (v), Ingo (b), Raino (d), Rudi K. (g))

" We did rehearse 3 month with the band and tried about 4 singers - without success. Therefor i asked a Ted from my school to join in and i could convince him to try to sing in a punk band.... We were bloody bad that night but it did not matter as all the school did not see a band - not talking about a punk band - befor. We played 9 songs and 2 more and did cut time short for the main event after us   - a dump hippie-band wich had to stop after 3 songs as the place closed on time at 21:00!" (Rudi K.)

3/4 Knallschoten, ca. 1980

Picture 3: All the young punks, ca. end-1980, (Sommerfeld akla Das Zelt,Biber, Pizza w/ Beer, Richie (not seen), Schwabes then ex-Girlfriend (name lost), Rudi K.) on the way to a MONDIAL show at JUZ Reinbek.

Biber, Pizza and Rudi K. went on to form 'Die Knallschoten' whilst Sommerfeld appeared in some drug-fency related stories in the local newspapers years later - stuff like offering someone a nice "I am gonna kill you with my knife" whilst actualy pointing a knife at him being full drunk - it was police report time again...someone noted he went on to be lost in the drug-scene but that just might not be true.

The Clash "riot show" -  outside Markthalle, Hamburg 1980

Picture 4: Outside the Markthalle after the famous Clash-Riot show, Hamburg 20.05.1980 (you can spot Dr. Nob - now a real doc - on the far right!)

This was one of the famous "riot shows" at the Markthalle in 1980 - the hey-days of Hamburg Punk. The Clash were attacked by the punks as "sell out's" and "stars" and the show ended after Mike Strummer crashed his guitar on the head of a punk spitting at him. Police was soon on the spot and it was a lot of fun... And do you spot the punks look? I was short hair and classic motorcycle jaket with badges - no spikes, no iro, no fancy stuff. And: Police back then did not wear full riot gear but the nice leather-jackets all the punk were looking after in 2nd hand stores...

Punk Rock Riot in 1980Punk Rock Riot in 1980Angry Punks vs. Clash

Picture 5-7: var. news clippings from the famous Clash Riot show, Hamburg 20.05.1980


Punkerdemo, Hamburg-Pöseldorf, 1980

Picture 8: Punks being arrested in Hamburg-Poeseldorf during the "Punk attack on Poeseldorf"

That was another great Hamburg Punk Gem: After the usual (and known) fights between Punks and Teds they united against the "Popper" (rich kids wearing LaCoste stuff) and made a storm on the Poppers hot-spot - being the part of Hamburg called "Poeseldorf". The outcome were smashed cars, windows and arrested punks. BIG FUN!

Punker Terror over HamburgPunker Terror over Hamburg

Picture 9-10: Assorted news clips from var. newspapers in Hamburg (the pics contain well known punks!)

It is us vs. them

Picture 11: Another fiend - local hustlers did not like punks iritating their business on St. Pauli

Prügel Pogo Girlstyle

Picture 12: Girls getting personal at a Slime show in 1980 (watching: Finn (Nimm 2), Pizza (face cut off), forgotten location)

"Fantastic Snapshot from a Slime concert. Finn (Nimm 2) on the left , just look at her right hand. Next to her we see Pizza (Knallschoten, Channel Rats etc.) he still drums for several bands. The fighting girl on the right is "Gitte" , no one knows what`s going on with her today." (Minus)

"Sieg Heil" is uncool, punk!

Picture 13: Crowd at the sameSlime show in 1980 (forgotten location)

"Holy shit , what`s the idea of photos like this ? Anyway , let`s enjoy `em now. The guy on the bottom who turns around must be "Stauber" , you still see him around. The tall guy in the top right corner is "Roche". It might be "Brecher" in the middle but that`s hard to say. Photo was done at a Slime concert." (Minus)

Picture 14: News clip on the first shut-down of the Rip-Off record shop - the #1 record store back then (click to enlarge).

Cheese, Punk!
Picture 15: Votzer , Katja , Arne. Hanging out in some bar. Anyone an idea where this was?

Bored by the silver screen?
Picture 16: Witte , Stauber , ? , Arne. Klick Cinema Karoviertel

This cinema used to be a popular hangout for Punks on weekends. They were rolling movies one after another, virtually all night long. Great stuff like 'Punk in London' and allways some trouble.

Picture 17: The legendary Dead Kennedys show 17.10.1980 in Rotenburg (some 50 km south of Hamburg) - only few dared to recon this one, US-Hardcore was not yet on the map. Thanks to torsten@nbg for this one!

Some nice posters, straight from the wall of Minus' appartment - an unbeliveable vault of treasure for old man like us (click to enlarge):

Buttocks, HH/HC #1 Buttocks & Napalm Punk in nowhereland
Famous Buttocks promo and show poster Buttocks and Napalm 24.04.1980 in Hamburg Razors, 10.05.1980 in Cloppenburg
Not yet Sellout, then! Razors, HH-Streetpunk #1 Another Rip-Off/ZickZack Festival
Clash, 12.05.1980 in Hamburg (the riot show) Razors and Sacked, 15.05.1980 in Hamburg Abwärts, 27.12.1980 in Hamburg
This type of show did not survive the art/new wave/punk split later
Front (ex-Coroners), 14.11.1980 in Hamburg

Picture Credits: (1) -(3) by unknown (supplied by Rudi), (4) - (11) from The Holy War Archive, (12) - (13) and posters by Minus, (14) by Thomas Koch, (15), (16) by Stauber, (17) by Torsten - All pictures are (c) 2011 by The Holy War Archive Foundation and unagreed usage will result in unhealthy punishment by the Holy War Team.